Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift

Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift

Simply putting cash in a card is so mundane, everybody does it that way and everybody knows what’s inside the card. Here are some original ideas to put a little fun and imagination into the cash giving process. Making people laugh and smile is more valuable than any amount of cash you could possibly give and they will remember you for it.

The giving of money or cash as a gift on holidays, birthdays and special occasions is universally accepted as a great gift by all who receive it. It is a very easy gift to give and you can give exactly what you want with the satisfaction of knowing that the person you give it to will appreciate it and be able to get something they really wanted.

The only problem with giving money as a gift it is that it is not a creative gift and requires little thought, usually you just stick it in a card, where’s the fun in that? Let’s not for get the fact that we all work really hard for our money and sometimes feel like we are just giving it away, that’s not fun at all, but, I am willing to give up the cash for a little fun and a good laugh.

Presents are so cool, a box all wrapped up in pretty paper, decorated with ribbons and bows, just knowing that there is something special inside, who wouldn’t love it. I have always preferred to wrap the cash in a box with a bow; if you just put it in a card everyone will know its cash so wrap it up. Jewelry boxes make people think it might be jewelry, shirt boxes suggests it might be a shirt and big boxes can really add a bit of mystery because they can hold just about anything. Big boxes can be the best because you can add things like shredded paper that they have to sort through to find the cash, or you can wrap little boxes inside the bigger boxes and make them open a lot of gifts before they get to the cash. You can also add things like rocks to make the box heavy and when lifted they will know that there is something in there.

Another fun and great cash giving idea is to buy a box of Macaroni and Cheese, the kind that is really cheap with the powder cheese packet. Take a sharp knife and carefully cut open the box at the top or bottom flap, basically you just want to separate the flap from the glue with no damage to the box so you will be able to glue it closed again. Remove the powder cheese packet from inside the box, tip it upside down and shake all the cheese to the top, then carefully with a pair of sharp scissors cut a straight line across the bottom, fold up the money nice and flat, (if you are giving a lot of cash you may want to empty a little of the powder cheese out) stick it inside the packet of cheese and glue that closed. Put the cheese packet back inside the box and glue the box closed. If you messed up with opening the box, just tape both ends so that way both ends look like they have been tampered with and they still will not know which end to open. The funny part is that nobody every looks in the cheese packet for the cash. They literally rip apart the box and dump out all the noodles but still don’t think about looking in the cheese packet. It’s a blast, however the money will be cheesy and you should not use the cheese packet because money is really dirty with a lot of germs.

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candes, posted this comment on Nov 28th, 2008

for my sister iam taking some cash and placing it in a box under wax paper, then im filling the box with home made treats and placing a small lock on the out side of the box,then im hiding the key inside a home made chocolate loli-pop, so that when she eats the lolipop she will get her key and her real surprise. !!

kgomez, posted this comment on Nov 18th, 2009

I gave my adult children money last christmas. 3 kids 3 color xmas orniments (balls) took the hanger top off and filled with bills, 12 each..hung them on the top of the curtains. Each kid was given a pretty wrapped box with a note that just had the color, one said red, one gold and the other purple. It took them a while to figure it out. It was a lot of fun. I was able to decorate with these weeks before xmas. They never knew

tmhcks, posted this comment on Jan 5th, 2010

Another fun way is using – an online virtual gift service that allows you to send money along with a video of yourself.

Ang, posted this comment on Mar 7th, 2010

This is the most hilarious page I’ve read. I love the ideas, especially the thought of someone opening a gift & seeing a box of Kraft Dinner. LMAO I was looking for some great way to give cash, instead of a boring gift card & this was it.

Definitely great suggestions for an eleven year olds gift. Making it fun & keeping it fresh!

Ashley, posted this comment on Mar 14th, 2010

Put the money in a balloon and then blow the balloon up! it will be alot of fun to pop the balloon and see that theirs money in it!

BSimp, posted this comment on Oct 4th, 2010

When putting the money in the cheese packet wrap it in plastic wrap then they money will not be cheesy. You can also use ramen noodles and put the money in the seasoning. Tea bag, box of cookies, pudding/ jello.

lauren, posted this comment on Nov 17th, 2010

For Christmas this year most of our family has asked for cash. We all felt it a little inpersonal but thought instead of handing over a card with just cash we would al have to think of fun ways to give the cash. We are doing the cash in an ice block for my parents and I have one of my sisters for KK. So I am going to get $40 worth of 5 cent coins ( which is 10 rolls from the bank) and wrap them in a box.

Jody, posted this comment on Dec 2nd, 2010

My aunt and uncle sent me on a scavenger hunt through the house one year. At the end, I had to turn the ceiling fan on in one of the bedrooms. When I turned on the fan, 20 one dollar bills started to float down from the top of the fan. They had placed them on top of the blades where you couldn’t see them, so you get a great surprise when the fan turns on! It was ingenious!

Paige, posted this comment on Apr 11th, 2011

My boyfriend’s son always made fun of how many salads I eat … so when he turned 21, I bought a bag on salad, carefully opened the bag, emptied and dried it. I folded 21 bills into the size of “lettuce pieces”, filled the bag with them and carefully ironed the bag shut again. The others at the party were confused as to why he would get such a gift, but he understood :)

Karen, posted this comment on Sep 18th, 2012

Here is one that I did for my nephew last christmas. I bought a pair of boxer shorts and bought some walnuts from the grocery store. I carefully cracked the shells and then put the money inside folded very small. I used a glue gun to put the shell back together. Then folded the shorts, put the nuts inside and wrapped them in a clothes box. I put a note in the card that says “dont loose your nuts” and he absolutely had a blast with finding the money.

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